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Director: Matthew Mannina –

Program Overview

The Pre-Travel Academy program is the first introduction to competitive soccer. It is primarily for u7 players (majority first graders) and u8 players (majority second graders), but it also accommodates kids in kindergarten and third grade as well. It allows players who are like-minded to come together to advance their technical and tactical abilities under trained professionals and licensed coaches. The Pre-Travel Academy Program matches players who are passionate about the game with coaches who live for the sport.

This group is composed of players who demonstrate a level of commitment to training that exceeds that of the Intramural program. The commitment of our players will help the coaching staff ensure that they are developing accordingly within their peer groups and to provide an accurate pathway toward their initial placement on a more competitive travel team.


Fall (September – November) and Spring (April – June): Players will train 2 times per week on the weekdays for 1 hour and 15 minutes per session. Players are guaranteed 8 games on Sundays on an intramural team as well as at least 4 pre-travel scrimmages on Saturdays or Sundays, where players in the pre-travel program will strictly play games with other players in the pre-travel program.

Winter (December – March): Players will train 1 time per week on the weekends for a total of 12 sessions for 1 hour per session.


Location: For the Fall and Spring, the games, scrimmages, and trainings will primarily be held at Stony Brook University South P Lot. However, we may utilize other fields around the Stony Brook area. Indoor Trainings in the winter have traditionally been held at World Gym in Setauket, but we may utilize other indoor facilities around the Stony Brook area.

  • Low player to instructor ratios.
  • Training is provided according to player skill levels with player development as the priority.
  • Age-appropriate curriculum aimed at challenging players both cognitively and physically.
  • Intramural games offered to provide a fun, social, and minimal-pressure environment that young children love.
  • In-house pre-travel scrimmages offered to help players advance their technical and tactical abilities.
  • Springboard to travel soccer.

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